Introduce Myself

Hi everybody! Have you ever wondered what a good life includes?

Well, I have! That is the reason why I am here with this blog!

Why not exploring this subject with you?

  • Well, if you are around your thirties, female and passionate, then you will probably like this blog!
  • Also, we will try to keep up with the latest news about the main interests of girls like us.

Introduce Myself

I hope we will talk about everything, girls like us have a small chat when meeting altogether. But, be careful, it will be our secret, hush-hush...

So, fairly, you could ask this question: "why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?". The answer is simple and it goes with another question: "why not? it's fun!". Like most girls, I love fashion, beauty, good physical and psychological health, traveling, interior design and last but not least entertainment. Why not share my research with you and why not knowing more about the subjects mentioned above at the end of the day?

Sources that help me to my research:

1. & (Vogue magazine)

2. & (Elle Magazine)

3. & (Harper's Bazaar Magazine)

4. Mainly Instagram and Pinterest

5. Secondly, Facebook

6. Fashion TV 📺

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